Dr. Robert Bradley

Dr. Bradley began his career during the age of "twilight sleep" and general anesthesia during births in hospitals. Growing up on a farm, and having witnessed many animal births as a part of farm life, he believed that women, like the animals, could give birth without drugs or medication.

Dr. Bradley developed a childbirth method to teach women to do the things that animal mothers do instinctively. He also became a pioneer by including fathers in the birth process and eventually expanded his childbirth method to include extensive instruction of the father as labor coach.

The current success rate for mothers who complete the classes to have a spontaneous, natural birth is 89%.

Class Outline

Though every unit has a specific topic which is covered in detail, each unit will also cover nutrition, exercise, positive communication, and coaching. Different relaxation techniques will be taught, and each unit will feature a video presentation.

Special guest - Cindi Freeman, IBCLC will teach a breastfeeding basics class during the course at no additional cost.

  • Unit 1 - Bradley history, philosophy and goals, importance of exercises, relaxation, get to know me and your class.
  • Unit 2 - We will discuss good nutrition and excersizes to stay healthy and low risk, evaluate your diet.
  • Unit 3 - We will focus on anatomy and physiology, common discomforts and how to handle them naturally.
  • Unit 4 - Focus on pregnancy and childbirth from the coach's point of view, bonding, and the father's role in breastfeeding.
  • Unit 5 - Anatomy and physiology of first stage, stressing our respect for the natural process and examining the built-in safeguards for you and your baby.
  • Unit 6 - Second stage of labor, Heimlich maneuver, basic pushing techniques and second stage positions, as well as the coach's role.
  • Unit 7 - Consumer information, how to make a birth plan. We discuss: what your choices are, evaluating your feelings and listing your priorities.
  • Unit 8 - Complications:including cesarean surgery,how to avoid these problems if possible, how to evaluate whether it is necessary to intervene.
  • Unit 9 - Advanced coaching techniques,challenge of handling first stage labor. Review First Stage Study Guide, have a labor rehearsal.
  • Unit 10 - Advanced labor rehearsal which helps to pull together all of the information you have learned so far.
  • Unit 11 - Being a Great Coach/Are You Ready? B.E.S.T. techniques for labor and birth, comprehensive review, also Emergency childbirth discussed.
  • Unit 12 - Advanced labor rehearsal. Also: newborn care, mothering, fathering, breastfeeding, how to handle a crying baby.